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If you are looking for an HTML5 game that will run smoothly on all devices or an app that will work perfectly, this is the place for you. In present we are working with game publishers like CloudGames, GameDistribution, CoolGames, ClickJogos, Friv-Games, and more.

We can create games and apps for mobile, desktop and web. If you like one of our already created game, you can contact us for a non-exclusive license or for a re-skin.

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Kingy Eternal Gems

Kingy Eternal Gems

Help Kingy collect all his cards by finishing all the levels from Kingy Eternal Gems. This is a match 3 type game where you will need to destroy diamonds and gems to collect soul points.

This game was made exclusive for CloudGames.

Available for a re-skin!

Cue Animals Coloring Book

Cute Animals Coloring Book

We all love to color and paint, that’s why we just love coloring book games. Choose your favorite image to paint, choose your colors, and start your masterpiece.

Available for a non-exclusive license, or re-skin!

exotic car game puzzle mania

Exotic Car Puzzle Mania

Everybody loves to play puzzle games, that’s why we created a great puzzle game that can be customizable for your need! The game has great functionality for the player, like fullscreen button, 3 difficulty levels, automatically solve button, many interesting levels, and more!

Available for a non-exclusive license, or re-skin!

Minecraft Brickout HTML5 Game

Minecraft Brickout

One of the biggest games for PC, it’s Minecraft! Because of this, we decide to make a great game with Minecraft design style and characters for online players. This game is made from the concept of breakout games and can be played from any browser, being an HTML5 game. The rights for the background images and song/audio belong to owners.

Available for re-skin!

Html5 Games

Why HTML5 Games?

The web is moving forward, and the technology of the future is HTML5. Flash is slowly dying, and we see that in Chrome and other browsers, so, the online gaming industry have to change!

Now, is the perfect time to make a change for your site, make HTML5 Games! These games are faster, and 100% portable, so you can play the games from your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even your SmartTV or SmartWatch.

Firstpixel it’s the best place to make your games, we make DESIGN and PROGRAMMING, so you don’t have to worry! We have primary and non-primary license, so we got your back! Take a look at our HTML5 games portfolio, and send us an email!